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La définition de Rank.
Accueil Dictionnaire Les termes psychologiques commençant par R La définition de rank. La définition de Rank. Otto Rosenfeld Rank, dit Otto, est un psychanalyste autrichien. Il est né à Vienne, en 1884. Il est mort à New York, en 1939.
Verbe to rank - Conjugaison anglaise.
they would have rank ed. I would have been rank ing. you would have been rank ing. he would have been rank ing. we would have been rank ing. you would have been rank ing. they would have been rank ing.
De Rank - Ebergiste.
De Rank is een nieuw en modern woonconcept voor volwassenen met een lichte tot ernstige verstandelijke beperking. Met dit concept trekken zorgaanbieder Ebergiste en de sociale huisvestingsmaatschappij Volkshaard voluit de kaart van innovatie. Elke bewoner beschikt over een ruime studio met een eigen leefruimte, badkamer en slaapgedeelte.
rank - Traduction anglais-français PONS.
rank Exemples tirés du dictionnaire PONS vérifiés par l'équipe' de rédaction. rank dans le dictionnaire Oxford-Hachette. Traductions de rank dans le dictionnaire anglais français Aller à français anglais. Afficher le résumé de tous les résultats. rank GB raŋk, Am ræŋk SUBST.
Rank Definition Meaning
to take up or occupy a place in a particular rank, class, etc: to rank well ahead of the other students. to have rank or standing. to be the senior in rank: The colonel ranks at this camp. SEE MORE SEE LESS.
Rank - definition of rank by The Free Dictionary.
the position of an item in any ordering or sequence. Brit a place where taxis wait to be hired. Military a line of soldiers drawn up abreast of each other. Compare file 1 5. Chess Draughts any of the eight horizontal rows of squares on a chessboard. Grammar in systemic grammar one of the units of description of which a grammar is composed. Ranks of English grammar are sentence, clause, group, word, and morpheme. Music, other music a set of organ pipes controlled by the same stop. Mathematics maths of a matrix the largest number of linearly independent rows or columns; the number of rows or columns of the nonzero determinant of greatest order that can be extracted from the matrix. Military break ranks military to fall out of line, esp when under attack. close ranks to maintain discipline or solidarity, esp in anticipation of attack. pull rank to get one's' own way by virtue of one's' superior position or rank. tr to arrange people or things in rows or lines; range.
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Traduction: rank - Dictionnaire anglais-français Larousse.
Accueil dictionnaires bilingues anglais-français rank. Traduction de rank. grade rang m, grade m. promoted to the rank of colonel promu au rang de or au grade de colonel. the rank of manager le titre de directeur. to pull rank faire valoir sa supériorité hiérarchique.
Rank - Wikipedia.
Rank linear algebra, the dimension of the vector space generated or spanned by a matrix's' columns. Rank set theory. Rank type theory. Rank of an abelian group, the cardinality of a maximal linearly independent subset. Rank of a free module.
RANK signification, définition dans le dictionnaire Anglais de Cambridge.
something is compared to other things of the same type.: the first/top/highest rank of sth A big merger would put the firm into the first rank of global companies. fall/slip in rank The fund has slipped in rank to eighth position in the Nasdaq.

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